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Professional music producer specializing in high-quality mix & mastering services.

Trust me to bring out the best in your tracks and make them shine.


Top-Notch Mixing & Mastering

Experience the expertise of Grammy nominated mixer and mastering engineer Oscar Harryson, based in Stockholm, Sweden. A one stop shop for competitive audio, with music in both the charts and international television. Trained by such industry veterans as - Chris Gehringer, Tom Elmhirst, and Michael Brauer, I offer exceptional mixing and mastering services in all formats.


Professional Sound Production

Welcome to SoundHabits mix & mastering, your go-to destination for professional mixing and mastering services. I cater to musicians and producers seeking the highest quality sound experience. I am well-versed in the latest techniques and technologies, including Dolby Atmos, ensuring your music is brought to life in immersive and breathtaking ways. Trust me to enhance the richness and depth of your tracks, giving them the professional polish they deserve. Unlock the true potential of your music with SoundHabits mix & mastering.


Expert mixing to enhance the quality and balance of your music tracks, ensuring every element is clear and cohesive.


Precise mastering to refine and optimize the overall sound of your tracks, adding depth, clarity, and loudness.


Seamless audio editing for seamless transitions, clean cuts, and removal of unwanted noise or imperfections in your recordings.


Creative sound design to craft unique and captivating audio elements that bring life and personality to your music.


Mixing and mastering immersive audio in Dolby Atmos, both updating existing catalogue and mixing from scratch.


Enhancement and polishing of vocal recordings, ensuring they shine with clarity, warmth, and professional quality.

Expand your horizon

"In Loftahammar, situated in the northern parts of the beautiful Tjust archipelago,
just a couple of hours outside of Stockholm, I found the perfect space to build Soundhabits Atmos mix & mastering .

With a total commitment, and a drive to never not evolve. Always pushing myself, with a will to deliver competitive audiofor everyone."

SoundHabits Atmos

Long time mixer and producer Oscar “soundhabits” Harryson took the pandemic as a great reason to escape the city and build the room he always wanted.

Standout Features

Experience Quality

Creative Mixing

I bring creativity to the mixing process, enhancing the unique qualities of your music. With attention to detail, I ensure every element sounds cohesive and balanced.

Professional Mastering

Experience professional mastering that adds depth, clarity, and polish to your tracks. With my expertise, your music will sound radio-ready and stand out from the crowd.

Personalized Approach

Get personalized attention for your music. I work closely with you to understand your vision and tailor my services to meet your specific needs, ensuring your satisfaction.

About Me



Music Producer & Mixer - SoundHabits mix & mastering

I am a Swedish music producer, specializing in mix and mastering services. With years of experience, I have honed my skills to deliver high-quality sound and help artists achieve their desired sound and sonic vision.

As a music producer, my expertise lies in crafting professional and exciting mixes and masters as well as refining and enhancing the overall sound of music tracks. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of different genres, I can bring out the best in every song, ensuring optimal clarity, balance, and impact.


Awards & Accreditations

I have been recognized for my exceptional work in music production, receiving prestigious awards and accreditations.

Certified Audio Engineer

Diploma in Audio Engineering

Finished first in my class SAE 1997

Grammy nominated

Nominated for a Swedish Grammy

PH3 2011

Honored to be nominated for best Hip Hop/Dance album for my work mixing, producing and mastering PH3 - Löser ett fall

Winner Roger Nichols Mixing Contest

Extremly proud winner of a mix-contest held by the late and great mixer extraordinaire Roger Nichols


Custom Music Productions

Experience innovative and professional music productions by a skilled and dedicated music producer. Trust me to enhance your sound with top-notch mix and mastering services that bring your music to life. Elevate your artistry with SoundHabits.


Happy Clients Say

SoundHabits mix & mastering took my tracks to the next level! The attention to detail and the clarity in the final mix is outstanding. I highly recommend their services.

I've been working with SoundHabits mix & mastering for a while now, and I'm blown away every time. Their expertise and professionalism are unmatched. Thank you for making my music sound incredible!


I am extremely pleased with the work Oscar and SoundHabits have done for me and my music. The level of expertise and talent he bring to the mixing process is truly remarkable. My songs have surpassed all expectations and sound far superior to anything I could have imagined. What I appreciate most is that Oscar always respects my demo version as a starting point, incorporating my original vision into the final product. His dedication and skill have undoubtedly elevated my music to new heights.

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