SoundHabits Studios

Long time mixer and producer Oscar “soundhabits” Harryson took the pandemic as a great reason to escape the city and build the room he always wanted.
Now in Loftahammar, situated in the northern parts of the beautiful Tjust archipelago,
just a couple of hours outside of Stockholm, we find Soundhabits mix & mastering suite.

About me

Grammis nominated and award winning mastering engineer and mixer.

With a total commitment, and a drive to never not evolve. Always pushing myself, with a will to deliver competitive sound for everyone. I have studied for some of the greatest, (incl. Michael Brauer, Chris Gehringer)

Competitive Mixing & Mastering

Mastering and mixing in all formats.

At Soundhabits, I mix & master in whatever format you need. Whether that is stereo or the new immersive formats Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos


I love to mix! In all formats, and all styles. It’s my firm belief that a mix should be exciting, and moving. This is where all the hard work of the artists and songwriters finally glues together. This is where that extra something, comes alive.


I do mostly mastering work in Stereo and Dolby Atmos.Both from stems and tracks, depending on your needs.


The last couple of years, SoundHabits Studios have focused on the new format Dolby Atmos, and all the challenges that it presents. We are now proud to say that we have a world class mixing and mastering room, designed for this exciting new format! Here we can mix both for music and TV

Some projects

Links to some of the various projects I’ve done over the years.

Project no.2
Project no.1
Project no.3
Project no.4


Just some kind words from some of my clients and a couple of reviews.

If you’re looking for mixes and masters that stand out. If you want your music taken to another level, with depth, width, and clarity that you haven’t experienced yet. SoundHabits studios & Oscar Harryson is where to go!


”A rare and dear combination of a creative enthusiast and business through and through professional. Lovely person!”

– Svensk Musik Swemic AB

Stan Vert

Our clients